Office 2013Since Act! is not owned by Microsoft, their decisions on upgrading software remain independent of each other. Historically, Act! will not release any patches or updates until Office has been published. Also, Act! doesn’t retrofit earlier versions of Act! to be compliant with the latest version of Office.

With certain editions of Office 365, you acquire the rights to download Office 2016 on your PCs.  Act! requires Outlook to be installed on the PC for the integration to work.

So, what happens if you get one new PC out of ten with Office 365 while running Act! 2011 ? If you call Act!, then you have to upgrade ALL ten PCs to make that one PC compliant with Act! and Office 365.  If you go to Act! subscription; then, Act! updates are included for Office updates.

That’s no longer the case since you found this page. We have a couple solutions that work-around this and save you $200+/PC in upgrade costs. There can be other compelling reasons to upgrade Act!; however, Office compatibility may not have to be one of them.

Here is our Act! and Office 365 Compatibility Chart.  For Act! 2011 and older, you need to upgrade to the latest version of Act!.

Act! Act! 2012 Act! 2013 Act! v16 Act! v17 Act! v18 Act! v19
Office 2013 Fix Word, Excel & Outlook Requires Service Pack 1* OK OK OK OK
Office 2016 Upgrade to v19 Upgrade to v19 Upgrade to v19 Limited Support * OK OK

For any version to work natively or with our patches, 32 bit Office 2013 / 365 must be installed.

* – Advanced functions between Act! 2013/v17 and Word like multiple document mail-merge are not supported. It’s a best practice to upgrade.