Some Tips on Avoiding the Junk Box for E-Mail Campaigns

One question we get is, "How do I avoid a spam trap ?". I will answer this from a business process and content creation standpoint. Nothing is full-proof, but these are factors you can control.

From a business process standpoint:

  • Do not buy a list of e-mails and solicit them. Will you answer a cold-blasted-email, no matter how good the offer is ? Not likely
  • Ask them to add your e-mail to their safe sender list, and here is a list of systems' instructions
  • Re-Purpose Blog Commentary like this
  • Create some sort of relationship beforehand by direct mail, on-site visit or by telemarketing.

From a content-creation standpoint, these factors raise spam scores

  • Using an excessive number of consecutive exclamation points
  • Using excessive CAPS to write your message
  • Using Microsoft Word as your .html editor. Microsoft Word's .html export tool contains sloppy code, which the spam filters will flag and not deliver
  • Using an excessive amount of graphics instead of text. If you send an e-mail with just an image, it may look good for you. However, the spam-bot will flag it.

You can submit your email to some SPAM checker sites as well

Some of my drip marketing campaigns are plain-text in order to increase delivery rates, but I trade off branding and imagery to convey the message.

Lookup Multiple E-Mail Addresses at Once in Act!

emaillookupIf you are using Swiftpage E-Marketing, Constant Contact, MailChimp or some other outside service to send broadcast e-mail based on Act! contacts, then you need a place to look them up.  Let's say you get a spreadsheet of 20 bounces, and you want to update Act! with that result. Rather than looking up each contact one at at time, this free tool will lookup multiple e-mail addresses at once.

It works with the primary e-mail address field of Act! versions 2010+

E-Mail Marketing Content Ideas

One of the biggest hurdles has been content creation. Here is a summary of 6 ideas along with a complete list of 15 ideas.

  • Develop a branded guide or tutorial like this
  • Interview an Industry Professional
  • Re-Purpose Blog Commentary like this
  • Host a Webinar Featuring Industry Experts
  • Record Those Webinars for Future Prospects & Clients
  • Offer a Video Training Series (Free or Paid)

If you are stuck on writing the content, there are reasonably priced content writers on, or

E-Blast Checklist

No matter which CRM or e-mail service provider this checklist applies. Here is a quick summary, along with the full article.

  • Promise Something Specific in The Subject Line - And Deliver
  • Craft a Succinct Header viewable in the Preview Pane
  • Make it Mobile Friendly
  • Test Timing & Wording Frequently as Visual Design
  • Learn What Motivates You to Read Incoming E-Newsletters
  • Create One Topic at a Time

Avoid These 5 E-Mail Marketing Mistakes

Citing a columnist for The Huffington Post, we tell our clients to avoid these problems:

  1. Create periodic changes in graphic design
  2. Focus on one message per email
  3. Balance text with graphics
  4. Clean out the bounced addresses from the mailing list
  5. Acquire help from a writer.  We found sites like upwork, oDesk and Fiver can help at a pretty good price.