Act! Pro vs. Act! Premium

Act! v17 Pro Box Shot ImageAct! Pro is geared to clients that need a "Smart Rolodex" that tracks contacts, history and a pipeline.   The Act! Pro user typically doesn't need mobile access to their data or integrate data from an API. With that said, here are the main differences:

  • Act! Pro supports up to a 10 user license.
  • Act! Pro doesn't offer a sync service for remote offices (It needs to use application sync, and it requires the server to have Act! open when remotes sync back)
  • Act! Pro isn't supported in a hosted environment with an outside data center
  • Act! Pro doesn't have a web or mobile client.  Typically, Act! Pro users use Handheld Contact for remote access.
  • Act! Pro doesn't offer team level security for contacts.  Act! Pro contacts are only public (everyone) or private access (one user).
  • Act! Pro native dashboards only work for a single user
  • Act! Pro security per user options are limited
  • Act! Premium Subscription is not available
  • Act! Web API isn't available

The front end looks the same for both Premium and Pro, and most plugins work for both editions of Act!.

But Act! Pro is great for clients that like stretch their investment for 3+ years, and they are uninterested in paying for annual support.  It's sold as a perpetual license (buy and hold); then, they can host the data locally for years until the Windows or Office environment is no longer compatible with Act!.