MondoCRM creates Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that transform data from a “Smart Rolodex with Notes” into a reporting, direct marketing and prospecting goldmine accessible on your PC, Mac or mobile device.

CRM Explained…It’s more than software and hope.

Since one product cannot fit all needs, we offer several products which fit our clients’ requirements.  Using 20+ years of software industry knowledge, we have worked with hundreds of companies since 1997 in dozens of industries in North America, Australia and the UK to find the best tools for our clients.

Our CRM Programs Include:

E-Mail Marketing Systems Include:

Since data entry is the biggest challenge, we help people automate data entry by offering Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  We even created our own app for Act! users, so they can simply dictate the notes into the correct categories for their reports.

What’s Next ?

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