Simplify Act! with MondoCommands. MondoCommands enables reps to dictate their notes directly into Dragon NaturallySpeaking without typing.

Download 14 Day Trial.  Buy for $79.95/user or $9.95/user/month from the E-Store

Benefits of MondoCommands include:

  • Automate Follow Up with One Button
  • Streamline Data Entry by Dictating Your Notes instead of Typing
  • Management Acquires Accurate Reports

Demo Video – MondoCommands with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Mondo Commands Toolbar
Simply Dictate “Click” and The Name of The Button. Act! Obeys

Software Requirements

Support & Updates

  • Includes email / remote support for installation issues
  • Perpetual License ($79.95/user) includes 1 year of updates
  • Monthly License ($9.95/user) includes updates as published

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