Swiftpage now offers Act! as a subscription in addition to a perpetual (buy and hold) license.  The advantages to a subscription are:

  • You get software updates (aka patches) at no additional charge.
    • As Microsoft makes Windows updates to components such as .NET, and SQL such as this, they could affect Act!.
    • As Microsoft makes unilateral changes to the operating system, clients on subscription get updates from Act!.  For example, Windows 10 affects Act! so you need to be on v18+.
    • As Microsoft changes Office, you need to keep Act! updated.  Swiftpage will not make patches for older versions of Act! to new versions of Office.  Here is the compatibility chart.
    • As Google, Microsoft and Firefox update their browsers, Act! updates their web components for those under subscription.
    • As LinkedIn and Facebook change their interface, the embedded web browser within Act! to display these contacts require constant Act! updates.
  • As Swiftpage adds new features such as Act! E-Marketing and Web API, clients on subscription acquire more tools to leverage their Act! database.
  • Act! Premium also offers additional synchronization, mobile deployment and security options.
  • Act! Premium can still be deployed locally on your servers

But wait, there is more!

Swiftpage also includes phone support (5 days/weeks 12 hours/day).  Yes, we still offer phone support, and we like offering additional affordable options.  Act! Subscription allows our clients to gain better returns on retaining us when we customize Act! for your business whether it’s adding fields, creating reports or integrating with E-Marketing, Quickbooks and Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Let Swiftpage handle installation problems.

One common misconception is you need to move Act! to their data center for this, and the answer is nope!   You can keep Act! on your servers to maintain local control and leverage your existing servers.  You can build your own web server, and deploy Act! on your own Cloud as you wish.  Unlike Salesforce, Zoho or other SaaS providers, Act! offers flexible deployment options.

For self-hosted clients, here is the pricing with quantity discounts over 5 available.  If you are interested in our hosting services, we offer several options.

  • New Users : $300/User/Year

Act! still offers a perpetual license for $675/user with quantity discounts available.  However, they only include one year of phone support, software updates and Web API access; thus, it’s cheaper to renew annually.  For Act! Pro users, the Pro license is still available as well.  Pro doesn’t offer any software maintenance plans and phone support is purchased separately.  So Act! Pro users are typically single users who change entire platforms every 3 to 5 years.

In summary, the CRM industry has to move to a SaaS platform due to the demands of clients’ requirements for mobility and external changes imposed by Microsoft and Google.