…This may initially appear as a wise-crack answer, but the answer is, “It depends”.   For example,  we created a chart of differences between Act! and WiredContact and came up with 40 different nuances among the features for one client.

Here are some important questions to answer when considering any CRM….For a more in-depth guide, click our in-depth guide. or contact us at 312-527-3133 to ask a question.

  1. Do you want the software as a perpetual license (One Time Fee + Optional Software Maintenance) or a subscription (Monthly/Annual Fee) ?
  2. What are the results you want out of the database ? Call Reports ? Sales Forecasts ? Marketing Lists ?
  3. How do you want to access the data ?  Windows ?  MacOS ? iOS? Android? Blackberry? via Web Browser ? Offline ?
  4. How deep are your security rules among staff ?
  5. Does it need to access accounting data like Quickbooks, Sage 50 (Peachtree) or Sage 100 (MAS/90) ?
  6. Do you need it to integrate with Microsoft Office ?
  7. Do you want to automate workflow ?
  8. Will it integrate with e-mail marketing programs like SwiftPage, Constant Contact or MailChimp ?
  9. Will it integrate with your phone system ?

Here are some examples, assuming 5 new users with a non-entry level version of the program.

Product Perpetual License (Buy Once) Software Maintenance Subscription
Act! Premium – Self-Hosted $645/user Includes 1st Year Only (Optional M&S: $285/user/year) $285/user/year
Hatchbuck Team N/A Included $44/user/month
SalesForce Premium N/A Included $75/user/month
Paid Yearly in Advance
WiredContact Enterprise $329/User Includes 1st Year. $25/User/Year for Year 2+ $65/user/Month
Zoho Enterprise N/A Included $40/user/month