I was at a client site configuring a CRM system when I heard this conversation.

Caller (Blocked caller ID): Is Dan there ?

JoEllyn: No. He’s out of town. Can I help ?

Caller: No. Honey.  Just get him on the phone.

JoEllyn: He’s out of town until Monday,

Caller: I’m not gonna reduced to a piece of paper.  Tell him Gene’s on the phone. Get up out of your chair and get him !

JoEllyn: He’s not in the office! (Getting annoyed)

Caller: How unprofessional of you! I’m gonna call Dan and tell him you conduct business.

JoElyn: Go for it! Click

Is this the era of Mad Men where men treated women like chattel to get their way ?  Belittling someone and attempting to scare them to pass you to a business owner just does not work.

Let’s see. “Gene” knew nothing about this place.  He only has the INTERNET, Hoovers, Linkedin, ZoomInfo and PR Newswire or Broadlook as tools to learn about Dan before attempting a foolish and outdated method of making connections.

With the wealth of free information and social media, these useless conversations can be reduced.

I’d like to see your comments and thoughts.