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A lot of businesses now think about how overrated Salesforce was and are now making the shift. The counterproductivity and the total cost of ownership for Salesforce are the main reasons why businesses look for alternatives. Aside from the price and complexity of the software, small businesses find themselves lost in the added features and fees that may not be necessary.

These add-on payments are disadvantageous to the business because you are going to pay for extra features that you don’t need. The features of Salesforce are not unlimited as they say.  For instance, there is a cap in broadcast emails that is usually only about a thousand per day. It may seem that Salesforce is an intuitive tool, but the learning curve is too high. It may not need installation, but you have to set it up and can’t be used right away.  Like most CRMs that need to be more than a big address book with notes, you may require a specialist set it up before your business can use it.  In Salesforce, the user may require multiple clicks to get to the most frequently needed information where our solutions can be programmed to make it available right on your home screen.

Here are some more reasons why your business should make the shift:

Salesforce is expensive

Salesforce customers usually complain about the price of the software.  One cost you may overlook is the data storage. Each edition includes some storage.  However, as time goes on this becomes insufficient for the needs of a business. To solve the storage problems, customers will be on the hook to buy extra storage for their database and day-to-day processing needs.  Or, you have to resort to posting URLs from systems like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and Zoho WorkDrive.

Another reason why the prices are skyrocketing is the support offered for basic packages. Businesses will have to upgrade from their standard plan to make the most out of the CRM service. Aside from this, businesses sometimes will need to resort to getting third-party support services to ensure that they will have the support needed for their upgraded features.

As for renewal and the sales team, remain mindful about paying for services you might not use.  The features might feel good but at the end of the day, it will cost you a lot. You have to carefully consider when renewing your plan because it’s unlike others where you can cancel any time or be subscribed annually, instead it’s for two years or more. Think twice before renewing an annual or bi-annual basis because you cannot easily back out.

Money Spend

Our Platforms Cost Less than Salesforce

WiredContact Enterprise offers a highly customizable CRM built for small business, and there is no need to compare features among different tiers.  All the features are included in the same license.  You can either deploy WiredContact in the Cloud, or you can install it on your own server.  When our clients install it on their own server, they can save money on hosting costs and manage their own security.

Complicated Customization

Every business has a specific need and most are not aware of how their Salesforce customization is going over the top. There are a lot of complementary components that a business thinks that they need, and since Salesforce offers a lot of moving parts, customers get off track with their scope and budget.

Everyone wants to have the right solution to their CRM needs and the choices offered usually are way more than what a customer needs for their business. After some time the business will notice that they’ve already exceeded their limit and budget.

Limited Options

There are a lot of CRM providers out there who offer more than one deployment option for their customers, but Salesforce offers only a cloud deployment option. This can be problematic for businesses because they might want to manage the infrastructure and security of the CRM on their own. 

Having only one or few options for deployment like on-premises, cloud, or hybrid solutions is important because each business has a different need. Not having options as a business is greatly advantageous. 

Adoption Issues

Salesforce is complex and regular users will have to spend a lot of time learning it, or the business will need to hire an expert to set it up. The training will take up time; time that can be used doing something productive. The said training can also take up days depending on the features acquired, the more complex or add ons the longer it will take. 

Even with the training and equipping, it’s not a sure guarantee that the users will readily master the tools. Most of the users find it inconvenient because the learning curve is steep and the adoption rate to the processes is low and slow. It’s also a concern when customers are required to fill out fields with data. These extra steps can be tedious and counterproductive

Complex for Small Business

Salesforce works best with large-scale businesses but very poorly for small businesses. It’s because of the complex setup and configuration of the software. Most of the required add ons or features are not necessary for startups or small businesses. 

It will be best for small businesses to get away from salesforce and find another CRM solution that fits their scale. It will be a costly disadvantage if a small business will embark on trying to insert Salesforce into their production and marketing processes. 

Most of the issues lie with navigating everything and updating reports with multiple clicks, not single and this takes up a lot of time. It will be frustrating for small businesses to use Salesforce because the main goal of having a CRM is minimizing manual workload and finding a cost-efficient way to process sales. Their usability for sales and marketing tools might not be worth the investment because it might hinder you in doing more because of its complexity.

Final Thoughts

All CRM platforms offer an overwhelming array of features with lots of cross-over among them, yet their subtle nuances when it comes to costs and features can determine a good rollout from a great one. There are plenty of options for small and medium-sized companies that offer simplified pricing.  MondoCRM offers more than one solution, and we would be glad to help you find an alternative that offers a lower total cost of ownership and delivers the features you need. Let us help you.