Act! Downloads

These Act! downloads are for the US version only, and they link to Act! corporate servers.  It’s a best practice to review their obsolescence policy to see what they’ll support .  If a link is broken, contact us.

If you are just getting started, go here for the Act! latest version for PremiumAct! Pro was discontinued in June of 2020. Please note ALL PCs on your installation must be on the same version.  So, if you update to 20.1 on one PC, then all need to be on 20.1.  Here is a download page for Act! updates.   Please note you cannot downgrade to a lower version.

As of 1/1/2019, versions 2005-v17 won’t install on new machines per Act!/Swiftpage’s policy changes.

For Act! v18.0 and v18.1, a change in Act!/Swiftpage license policy requires you to update to Act! v18.2 (Premium or Pro). If you are already installed v18.2, then install update 7 for v18.2 (Premium or Pro).

As of 6/30/2020, Act! corporate no longer sells Act! Pro software.  Act! is only available as a subscription only as Act! CRM (formerly known as Act! Premium) or Act! Growth Suite.  MondoCRM doesn’t carry any inventory for Act! Pro or legacy Act! licenses.

The End

Act! v22 Premium | Pro Latest Full Installation (22.1)

Act! v21 Premium | Pro Latest Full Installation (21.1)

Act! v20 Premium | Pro Latest Full Installation (20.1)

Act! v19 Premium | Pro Latest Full Installation (19.2)

Act! v18 Premium | Pro Latest Full Installation (18.2)