Handheld Contact is our go-to application for Act!. It works seamlessly and without the hassle of managing the synchronization process.

For Act!, we support Handheld Contact (HHC) for the Android, and here is why:

  • Product stability. It simply doesn't crash. Other programs tend to duplicate contacts on both sides if the sync log gets corrupted.
  • It's easy to use. You can allow the Android and the computer to sync every 15 minutes, and you have to do nothing to make it work after the initial setup.
  • Handheld Contact runs as its own application, so you can keep your personal life separate from your business life.
  • It offers an offline copy of Act! while you are out of internet range
  • You can record history from the iPhone and it will show up as a "history" in Act! when you get back to the office
  • You can send email from the iPhone from Handheld Contact, and it records right to Act! history
  • You can send SMS (Text Message) from the iPhone, and it will record right into Act! history
  • Handheld Contact works on Act! Pro and supports legacy versions of Act! (2005+)
  • New:Scan a business card with CamCard. Then, use the import contacts feature to import that contact from iPhone contacts to HHC as shown in this video

OK, what are some drawbacks ?

  • The application supports 15,000 contacts on the Android (5,000 with Act! 2012 and older). If you have more than that, you need to make a group in Act! or upgrade the license to either HHC+ (+$20) or HHC+ Premium (+$35.95) to the basic price of $79/device/year
  • Some may say it's a disadvantage not to use the native calendar and contact list on the Android.
  • To get caller ID, HHC requires an additional step to export the contact to the Android address book to see caller ID.

Why not use Act! Companion ?

  • Handheld Contact offers offline mobile access while the Act! Companion requires a constant internet connection
  • Self-hosted Act! Premium users need to set up a web server and open a port on the internal firewall. Handheld Contact resolves this automatically.
  • Act! Pro users don't have this option.

Why not use Act! Premium Mobile ?

  • Handheld Contact offers offline mobile access while the Act! Premium Mobile requires an internet connection
  • Handheld Contact offers greater workflow. For example, after you dial from Handheld Contact, Handheld Contact prompts you to record history after the call.
  • Then, use the Android's speech to text feature to dictate and record the event.
  • For Act! Pro users, you don't need to upgrade to Act! Premium and get a web server setup to leverage the Act! Premium Mobile service.

It’s a different approach on licensing.

Handheld Contact is a service that happens to be software at $79/year per device, which includes software updates and e-mail support from Handheld Contact.  In terms of productivity and a “fire and forget” approach to software, Handheld Contact is a critical tool for any firm with mobile sales using Act!.  Contact us, or you can sign up for a 14 day trial to learn more.