Handheld Contact is our go-to application for Act!. It works while our clients are on the road seamlessly and without the hassle of managing the synchronization process.

We recommend Handheld Contact for the iPad, and here is why:

  1. Product stability. It simply doesn’t crash. Other programs tend to duplicate contacts on both sides if the sync log gets corrupted.
  2. It’s easy to use.  You can allow the iPad and the computer to sync every 15 minutes, and you have to do nothing to make it work after the initial setup.
  3. Handheld Contact runs as its own application, so you can keep your personal life separate from your business life.
  4. It offers an offline copy of Act! while you are out of internet range
  5. You can use speech to text to create a history from the iPad and it will show up as a “history” in Act! when you get back to the office.
  6. You can send email from the iPad from Handheld Contact and it records right to Act! history
  7. You can send SMS (Text Message) from the iPad and it will record right into Act! history as well.

OK, what are some drawbacks ?

  1. The application supports 15,000 contacts on the iPad.  If you have more than that, you need to make a group in Act!, or pay an additional fee.
  2. Some may say it’s a disadvantage not to use the native calendar and contact list on the iPad

It’s a different approach on licensing.

Handheld Contact is a service that happens to be software at $79/year per user, which includes software updates. In terms of productivity and a “fire and forget” approach to software, Handheld Contact is a critical tool for any of our mobile reps using Act!.  Contact us to learn more, or you can sign up for a 14 day trial.