Swiss Army Knife

It’s a database update utility for Act!, and it offers functions native Act! doesn’t support.



An advancSwiss Army Knifeed tool that allows you to perform Excel-style modifications to your data directly inside of Act!. As well as make updates to your database that the software does not currently feature

Some examples include:

  • Insert or append data in a field to your entire database or a lookup
    • One of our clients uses this to append data to a memo (aka note) field, which Act! doesn’t support.
  • Replace existing data based on criteria. Example: replace all email records containing with
  • Set limited access en masse to companies
  • Create a note or a history to all the contacts in a lookup
  • Regular Expressions ( REGEX)

You can run these one at a time, or string a group of actions together. You can even use windows tasks to have the batches run on a schedule for regular updating of your database.

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