Create memorized lists of contact fields in the right columns quickly switch between them on the contact list view of Act!!

One of the first questions we get in an Act! training class is whether I can save different versions of the contact list view using different sets of columns. We had to say no until we found List View 4 Act!.  Once you install the software, you’ll see a dropdown on the “Customize Columns” dialog as shown below:

Simply click the dropdown and select an option to have your selected fields instantly changed to those defined in your field set!  To create and edit field sets, the dialog seen below is accessed through the “Customize…” button on the “Customize Columns” dialog.

This dialog allows you to create as many field sets as you want, select the fields each set should display, and set the order that the fields will appear in the contact list from left to right.  Once you’ve set up your sets, they’ll appear in the dropdown as seen below in the screen shots.

Upon clicking on a set, the selected fields on the right will change to the fields defined by the set as seen in the screenshots:

Client application:
One of our clients needed to regularly export a certain set of columns and contacts for their external quote making system. Rather than manually rebuilding the contact list view every couple days, she used this app to always save her columns. Pair that with the groups feature in Act!, and you have an easy to run report writer.

Download a 14 day trial:

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