Two hour class for sales managers to create and manage a pipeline within Act!


Sales Reports and Dashboards in Act! is a 2-hour program designed to help sales managers leverage reports out of Act!.  The course begins with a complimentary assessment call with one of our trainers who will seek to understand your business and how you will use Act!. Your trainer will then refine the course based on your requirements.

Course Outline:

• Overview of Opportunities section
• Creating, editing & working with Opportunities
• Demonstration of associated tabs in Opportunities
• Working with Products & Services in Opportunities
• Using Opportunity status
• Accessing & editing existing dashboards
• Using dashboard filters
• Overview of general reporting capabilities
• Exporting reports

Terms & Conditions:

Price: $350/company (not by employee)

Post-Class Review Policy – Questions will be answered by e-mail after the course. If the answer takes less than 5 minutes; then, it’s complementary.  Otherwise, professional services will be charged.

Refunds: No refunds.  If you have any questions about us, feel free to contact us first.

Classes are delivered online via GoTo Meeting, and they are not recorded.

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