Integrate Act! with Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI and Act!

We bring data into one place to make informed decisions with Act! Reporting with Microsoft Power BI.  It can pull up any Act!, SQL, Access, CSV or Excel files at the same time.  MondoCRM uses this in production with WiredContact + Act! + 3 Excel workbooks at one time. All the examples are interactive.

Answer the question: “What’s in the pipeline “.  Reps don’t waste more time compiling another Excel report.  We pull the data from Act!.

With Power BI, the owner can pull Act! history about reps’ performance without logging into Act!.  You can start filtering data right from this web page to the right.

“Who makes the most sales calls ?”.  Filter by date with the interactive report.

Quickly plot your contacts by geography.

Quickly filter by enrollment date.  Then count the number of contacts and companies enrolled in each plan.

Start filtering contacts by referral source and ID/Status.  Answer the question: “How many prospects came in by our website ?”.