Format Data from Act! to Zoho migration

Prepping Act! contact records for a migration to Zoho.

This video reviews how to prepare the data before converting from Act! to Zoho. This video focuses tells you how to standardize the company names for contacts so Zoho sees multiple contacts at company as one account once they arrive in Zoho.

How to Determine Disk Space for an Act! Database

Determine disk spaced used by an Act! database.

Act! Pro License To Be Sunset on 9/15/2023

Supported or Unsupported

On September 15, 2023 you will no longer be able to purchase an Act! Pro license.  It’s the end of an era.  From April 1st, 1987 until September 15th, 2023, you could buy an Act! Pro license for a one-time price and install it locally.  If your business process or technology stack didn’t change much, you can leverage it for 3+ years.   The business software pricing landscape  has changed. no matter the application.

With the advent of rapid changes by Microsoft and the web as a whole, desktop technology for a complex program like Act! is simply too expensive to develop and support with a one-time license.   Other industry giants like Autodesk, Adobe and Sage have migrated desktop software to a subscription model as well.  Quickbooks desktop offers a one-time fee, but they discontinue services like payroll or credit card processing to force those upgrades.  Moreover, in 2024, Intuit has phased new licenses for Quickbooks desktop in favor of Quickbooks Online.  Oh, don’t forget Microsoft as well with Office 365.

We have laid out some options here, but feel free to contact us to evaluate your unique situation.

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Recommended for:

  • Clients that want to remain on Act! for 3+ years.
  • Clients that need software updates for Microsoft compatibility and new features of Act!.
  • Clients that want to integrate with additional applications via Zapier or the Web API.
  • Clients that don't want radical change of business process and invested heavily in custom programming or commercial addons.
  • Clients that need web access to the database as well as full offline access to the database.

Changes Required:

  • Act! will be billed on an annual basis.
  • Upon cancellation of the subscription, the software will no longer access the database.
  • No walk-away one-time license purchase is available.

For Act! Pro users, you can upgrade to Act! Premium CRM for $400/user/year (Year 1 promotional price subject to change by Act! corporate).  Year 2+ , budget $450/user/year.

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Recommended for:

  • Clients that want to keep an Act!-like user interface without radical change for the sales reps.
  • Clients that no longer want to deal with desktop support issues.
  • Clients that want to automate more process.
  • Clients that simply don't believe in paying a subscription and prefer a one-time fee.

Changes Required for Self-Hosting:

  • Clients need to install a dedicated Windows server.
  • Clients need either an in-house I.T. department or a MSP (Managed Service Provider) to maintain the server.
  • An evaluation to make sure all the features you want will translate into WiredContact.

WiredContact Enterprise is available as a one-time purchase, a buy once+hosting fee model or a monthly subscription.

Learn more about Act! vs. WiredContact.

Zoho Logo

Recommended for:

  • Clients that want to integrate CRM with their ecosystem of 40+ applications known as Zoho One.
  • Clients that want to outsource CRM hardware and software management.
  • Clients that want an affordable alternative to SalesForce.
  • Clients that want to automate more processes.
  • Clients that want a DIY approach to CRM customization and programming before hiring a consultancy like us.
  • Workgroups less than 3 users who need a basic edition of Zoho CRM for free.

Changes required:

  • An evaluation to make sure all the features you want will translate into Zoho since its a different approach to CRM vs. Act!.
  • Budget a fee for conversion, database re-design and training on a new platform.

Learn more about Zoho.

Zoho Bigin Logo

Recommended for:

  • Clients that a basic CRM that's easy to customize without a consultant's fee.
  • Clients that want to outsource CRM hardware and software management.
  • Clients that want a contact centric approach, not an account-centric approach like Salesforce or Zoho CRM.

Changes required:

  • An evaluation to make sure all the features you want will translate into Zoho since its a different approach to CRM vs. Act!.
  • Budget a fee for conversion, database re-design and training on a new platform.

Learn more about Bigin.

Migrate Act! to Hubspot

Smoothly Migrate Act! to HubSpot
for Advanced Sales and Marketing Capabilities

Migrate Act! to Hubspot

To migrate Act! to HubSpot can be a significant step forward for your business.  We built our practice on Act! and supported Act! since 1997, and we realize some clients will eventually change.  Or, you found us here, but we never supported Act! for you.  Since we’re product agnostic, we provide a service to migrate Act! to Hubspot.

Our Act! export service will prepare get the Act! contacts, notes, histories, activities and opportunities ready for Hubspot.    Act!, by itself, won’t export the history or notes so it can be imported into other systems as cited by their knowledgebase. Once your data is ready for import, you can begin the process of setting up your HubSpot account. This will involve creating custom fields to match the data from Act! and setting up any necessary integrations with other tools your business uses.

Need a Hubspot Partner?
We'll hook you up in the USA or the UK.

Migrate Act! to Hubspot Partnership

Since we’re not certified in Hubspot, we can refer you with a Hubspot certified partner in the United States or United Kingdom if you don’t already have someone in mind.  We recommend working with a certified Hubspot partner because it’s a meticulous process.  Furthermore, Hubspot does not offer an “undo” option if a mistake was made on the import.  You will have to delete those records assuming they are easy to find; then, start over.

No matter which CRM you choose after Act!, it’s important to train your team on how to use HubSpot effectively. This may involve setting up training sessions or providing access to online resources. You should also plan to have a support team in place to assist with any issues that may arise during the migration process.

In summary, when you migrate Act! to HubSpot, you will provide your business with advanced sales and marketing capabilities and access to powerful analytics and reporting features. By following a structured approach and properly preparing your data, you can ensure a smooth transition and start taking advantage of the benefits of HubSpot.

How We Work

  • Give us a backup of your Act! database.
  • We'll send you a sample set of 100 records from your database.
  • If you like it, we'll finish the export.
  • Once our fee is received, we'll email you a link to download the ZIP file for the rest of the contacts.

Our Fee:

  • Budget $700.00 (£565.00 + VAT) per database.

Sending Activities to Outlook from Act! Using Act4Outlook

This commercial plugin enables you to send activities from Act! to Outlook and vice versa.  We recommend this for multi-user sites since it eliminates the chance for the sync engine to break and create duplicate entries on either side.

The Act4Outlook/Act4Mail products only transfers the date, subject line and the details field from Act! to Outlook.