Add a pop up blocker exception for WiredContact for Chrome

WiredContact requires a pop up blocker exception in Chrome so it can show you alarms and reports.  Follow the video below to do this.

How to disable the pop up blocker for WiredContact

When you run a report or require an alarm in WiredContact, you need to make an exception to your browser to allow a pop up for your site.  Here is how to do it in Chrome.

Adding the WiredContact Mobile Site to an Android

Android OSThis article shows you how to add a website (aka bookmark) to an Android home screen.

First, go to your WiredContact mobile site on the Android.  In this example, it's

Then, you can follow the screenshots in this article.

WiredContact Dialer Demonstration

WiredContact Phone Integration Sample

WiredContact, without buying a third party plugin, allows you to make outgoing calls with a click-to-dial button we program.  That won’t require any VOIP programming costs.  99% of our requests from our clients revolve around outgoing calls.

For incoming calls, we’d program WiredContact to work with your VOIP provider.  Those costs are determined on a a case by case basis since VOIP uses different programming languages.

This demo video uses 8×8 with their soft phone application and their free Chrome extension.

E-Mail Tracking within CRM

The other day, I was asked to draft a scope of work for a new client after a few weeks discussing his business, his processes, his target audience and friction points along the customer journey. Every savvy sales rep or manager knows how important momentum is to matriculate prospects through the sales cycle. I’ve waited anxiously for price and scope responses more times than I care to count. And no one wants to stalk a prospect during crucial points in the business development cycle…over-eagerness is the surest way to relinquish credibility, leverage and flow. Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly when your email was opened so you can time your follow-up accordingly? Wouldn’t your follow-up conversation be stronger if you were able to say, “I see you’ve received the price quote you requested. I’m calling to follow up to see if you have any questions I can answer for you”? Definitely.

Given how sensitive my communications typically are with business leaders, maintaining confidence is essential. I was able to do just that. Unlike Act!, Zoho, Salesforce and WiredContact allow for emails to be tracked in real time. When the message is sent through the CRM, it puts a 1×1 transparent pixel in the email. If that image is “requested,” then the CRM immediately reports the email as opened. No clunky third-party apps or plug-ins.

These CRM systems are fully integrated so critical data is shared with the people who need it, when they need it. We also integrate them with company processes to ensure great and seamless customer experiences throughout the cycle. And no awkward follow-ups. This tool can be used for all emails so communication statuses are always informed, be they price quotes or support sessions or dinner invitations. Like anything else, better information = better choices. Smoother communications = fewer hiccups in your sales cycles and business processes throughout your company.