As an Act! consultant in Chicago, it’s our mission to help our clients customize Act! so they gain a competitive edge in sales, marketing or customer service.  We are one of the top Act! resellers in the United States and serve clients nationwide by remote desktop.  We have been using Act! since 1989 and have earned our yearly certification since 1998.

We solve the problem hundreds of our clients face: “I want to get more out of Act!.”  We build customized Act!-based solutions, often saving our clients considerable time and treasure.  With the advent of Act! Marketing Automation, you can start automating marketing without switching between programs.

Using Act! to Its Potential

Before Working with MondoCRM 20%
After Working with MondoCRM 92%

Act! Advisory Services

Nobody knows Act! like Mondo.  Since 1997, our Act! clients have trusted us to deliver elegant CRM solutions to their most urgent challenges.  In response to an often one-size-fits-all world, we design custom Act! databases that align with your unique business objectives and processes.  Those who don’t usually end up with a very expensive Rolodex.

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Act! Email Marketing Services

We help our clients design, build and orchestrate targeted email campaigns that deliver results. Let’s roll up our sleeves and see what we can accomplish together!

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Act! Hosting Services

Act! offers your company the flexibility to host your own data as an alternative to the cloud-based norm. With both mobile and offline connectivity, let Mondo help keep your precious data safe, secure and private.

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Act! Reporting Services

Today’s agile organizations depend on accurate and timely data for better decisioning. Mondo takes your reporting capabilities far beyond the Act! template by our surgical use of of Keystroke Dash or Microsoft Power BI.

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Our North American-based desktop support team cares deeply about your business. We believe helping you deliver great customer experiences begins with a great experience from us.

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