Our CRM Platforms

All CRM platforms offer a dizzying array of features.Mondo helps cut through the noise and find the right fit for your business.

If you’re shopping for CRM exclusively by features, you’re probably doing it wrong.

For the most part, MondoCRM is platform agnostic. So how did we arrive at these 4 CRM systems instead of Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot or any of the other players out there?  The short answer is, we serve small business. The solutions we recommend should be within your company’s reach, both in terms of functionality and total cost of ownership.

Asking the right questions is the genesis of every elegant solution. Mondo begins by looking at your business as it is, and what it can be.

Our Socratic, empirical approach ensures you end up with the right CRM for your business, rather than whatever it is the other guys are selling. But most important, that it’s compatible with your personnel, infrastructure, goals, customer expectations, budget or any other variable crucial to your company’s performance.

Our clients find their ROI is surprisingly swift, usually measured in months, not years.

Informed by decades of experience, Mondo knows that adapting CRM to your business objectives, processes and making it all work is more important than features comparisons. Without it, it’s just software. Or less still, a mere digital Rolodex.

Anatomy of Customer Centric Enterprise
Zoho Logo

Zoho CRM integrates with over 40 other Zoho applications to run your front and back office.

WiredContact Logo

WiredContact is our most flexible CRM platform.

Act! logo

Act! invented CRM in 1987, and we have supported it since 1998.

Benchmark One Logo

Reach new depths of marketing automation and insight with Benchmark One (formerly Hatchbuck).

Zoho Bigin Logo

Bigin by Zoho is a great CRM for companies on a tight budget who need to manage accounts, contacts and a pipeline.