Opportunity Status Field is not Available for Act! Reports

If you are running Act! with a 3rd party reporting tool like TopLine Dash , Crystal Clear Essentials or Durkin ImpactSuite; then, you may run into a problem with this field missing from the field selector.

The problem is the in OLDEB provider.  The OLDEB provider is a bridge for Act! report writers to see the tables and relationships in Act!.  For reasons unknown, when Act! is upgraded from v15+, the OLEDB provider doesn't add this field to the provider.

The solution is to download this fix and run it on the server that hosts Act!, and you must have full administrator rights to install this patch.  Restart your reporting application, and you should see this work.

Using Microsoft Power BI to put Act! Contacts on a Map

Put your Act! database on the map with Microsoft Power BI.

With Act!, you can get one contact at a time into a Google map, but what if you wanted to get all contacts on a map without buying a dedicated mapping program? I found Microsoft Power BI to do this. In just two clicks I can find customers by state with a map.

There are plenty of other ways to visualize Act! data, and we can even join it with data from Quickbooks and Excel workbooks at the same time. With Power BI, you can stay on screen to get the answers you need. Contact us if you want this setup at your office.

Determine if Reps Have Synchronized Act! in Two Clicks

If you have reps in the field, and they synchronize the database, you don't have to ask them whether they have synchronized recently.  Just click on the Act! dashboard first from your main (aka publisher) database.

If the rep hasn't synchronized recently, they can go to Tools-> Synchronize Panel -> Synchronize Now in Act! then synchronize the data.


If you have trouble implementing this or troubleshooting errors, we can help.  MondoCRM has been working with Act! synchronization since 1998.


Creating an Act! Report to Excel Using the Contact List and Dynamic Groups

excel_2013If you need to export a set of contacts regularly to Excel for external e-mail systems, direct mail, mailing labels or to a quoting system, here is how to simplify the process:

  1. Create a dynamic group in Act! and create the lookup.
  2. Customize the columns in the list view (Press F8 if you don't see the list view).  Then customize the columns by pressing Tools -> Customize -> Columns
  3. Export to Excel by pressing Tools -> Export to Excel

If step 2 is too tedious, use this app to save time.  It saves customized versions of the contact list view so  you don't have to rebuild this every time you come back to it.

Defining the KPI for a Professional Services Firm

On 11/5/2016, I attended a webinar with my peers in the CRM industry. by Ron Baker of the VeraSage Institue. My peers in the CRM industry wanted to learn how to make our practices better, so he suggested we measure our own KPI by looking at it from our clients' perspective not just ours.

For example, instead of measuring how many tech support cases we had to offer at no charge, we should measure our success rate of solving it within 30 minutes.

Check out this indepth article, citing the airlines industry.