How to Add a Line Break to a Memo Field in Act!

For Act! users, a memo field (aka notes) field is useful to add to the top half of your contact screen.  This allows you to have an important message that doesn’t get lost in history.  If you want to write a note that requires to press enter between lines, it won’t respond.

The solution is to press CTRL-Enter to get the line break between lines.  Memo fields behave a little differently than standard notes or history in Act!.

Act! Training Video Channel on YouTube

Before Act! published their own library, I created , a service that offered Act! software training videos.  Here are a few freebees of my YouTube channel. The keystrokes remain the same even if the icons have changed slightly over the years.  Here is a sample from the channel:

Changing Preferences between Act! Word Processor and Microsoft Word

Change Act! Word Processor
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To change between Microsoft Word <-> Act! Word Processor, do this:

  1. Tools -> Preferences -> Communication
  2. Change Word processor to the other choice

This solves the problem of "I cannot find my templates" also.  Act! Word Processor templates are .tpl file extension while Word templates are .adt.

Please note there is no conversion utility to automatically migrate between these formats.

How to Fix the Act! Record Manager field if history appears to have been written by a non-employee

A common mistake in Act! is a new sales rep joins the database, and instantly updates “My Record” with a prospect’s name instead.  This can lead to your sales rep’s notes appearing to belong to someone who doesn’t work for your company.

Here is how to fix it:

  1. Go to Lookup -> My Record.  This will show that your sales rep’s “My Record” actually has a prospect’s name instead. and here is a video on how to do this.
  2. Go to Contacts -> Duplicate Contact -> Use All Fields.  This ensures you have all the relevant info in a regular contact record
  3. Go to Lookup -> My Record.  Update the record with the sales rep’s correct info.
  4. Press CTRL-S

If you have notes, history or activities to move, you can cut/paste them to the correct record as well.

How to lookup the Act! My Record
Copy and paste history between Act! records.

Create Companies from Contacts Shortcut Guide for Act!

For Act! versions 2005 to 2013, Act! didn't make it easy create company records and link multiple existing contacts to them after an import or conversion from legacy Act!.  This guide below shows you how to do this if you have these versions of Act!.


  1. Upgrade to v16+ of Act!
  2. Purchase this utility that converts existing data.

Here is a guide if you don't want to upgrade or buy the plugin.