Using Free Tools for Remote Access to Act!

Laptop and SmartphoneThere are many ways to acquire Act! data once you leave outside the office. Let's focus on one option. One way to do this is to use unattended remote PC access tools such as TightVNC, ShowMyPC and GotoMyPC by Citrix.

Free programs like TightVNC and ShowMyPC usually don't have easy means to transfer files or offer remote printing. Of the three, GoToMyPC is the most expensive @ $12/month, but it's the easiest to install, deploy and acquire support. GotoMyPC offers a 30 day trial.

So how it works is you setup your desktop PC in the office to remain on with Act!; then, you use the remote PC to connect as if you were at that location. The remote PC does not require Act! to be installed. This is a great setup for a one-person shop or business owner with a home and work office.

There are many ways to deploy Act! across remote offices and devices so you have instant access to your contacts when you need to close deals. Let us know about your remote access struggles, and I can find an easy solution.