Comparing Act! & WiredContact Software Features

I added WiredContact for my clients that outgrow Act! or no longer want to manage a Windows desktop/.NET/MS Office deployment.  Many features in WiredContact do not require 3rd party apps like Act! needs. Conversely, Act! offers exclusive features WiredContact due to a Windows desktop.


Features in WiredContact not available in Act!


Features in Act! not available in WiredContact


Number of 3rd Party Apps in Act! Neeed to Match WiredContact Built-in Features


Number of 3rd Party Apps in WiredContact Neeed to Match Act! Built-in Features

So what’s best for you ?  It really depends.  We analyze each business for their unique requirements relative to budget.  That’s where a consultancy like MondoCRM differs from other firms that only rep one product.

Additional WiredContact Features

Business Automation (+$ = Extra fee in Act!)

  • Automate Sales Forecast Reports  (Sample) (+$)
  • Automate Weekly Call Reports (+$)
  • Automate Business Alerts (+$)
  • Automate Membership Listings on Websites (+$)
  • Automate E-Mails to Clients for Maintenance Reminders (+$)
  • Automate Marketing E-Mails (+$)
  • Automate Quote Numbers (+$)
  • One-Click History Entries (No Need for my Own Act ! App!) (+$)
  • Copy Fields (Example: Copy Billing Address -> Shipping Address with One Button) (+$)
  • Automate Dependent Drop Downs (+$)
  • Automate Contact Record Imports and Exports (+$)
  • Import contact, history and opportunity records without making duplicates (+$)
  • E-Mail Tracking for quote delivery

Database Customization (+$ = Extra fee in Act!)

Security Features (+$ = Extra fee in Act!)

  • Undo Deleted Records
  • Undo Record Changes
  • Implement Field Level and Record Level Security against Any Table in Real Time
  • Disable These Features per User
    • Import Data
    • Run Reports
    • Mail-Merge
    • Delete Records per Table
    • Add (but not Update) Records
    • Delete Lookups
    • Edit/Replace
    • Mass E-Mail
    • Edit Drop-Downs
  • Edit System Fields
  • Advanced Edit-Replace Features (+$)
    1. Append Text
    2. Remove Text
    3. Replace Text
    4. Proper Case
    5. Change Multiple Field Values at Once

Website Integration(+$ = Extra fee in Act!)

Marketing Automation Integration

Unique Features of Act!

Act! Features That Won't be in WiredContact

  • Offline Sync
  • Microsoft Word Integration - WiredContact uses its own word processor
  • Graphical Editor for Dashboards - WiredContact uses its own language, Power BI or Crystal Reports or Excel
  • Graphical Editor for Labels and Envelopes
  • Graphical Editor for Layouts
  • Graphical Editor for Reports
  • Printable Calendar for Day Runners
  • Zapier integration
  • Quickbooks desktop integration with a 3rd party tool like this

Act! Features That Require Extra Fees in WiredContact

  • Outlook E-Mail Integration (+ $15/user/month)