Zoho Advisory Services

While not for everyone, we believe Zoho is the best overall value in the CRM industry, and 50 million Zoho users might suggest we’re not off-base about this. Sadly, only about 10% achieve anywhere close to maximum functionality from their CRM, regardless of platform. What we can say with some certainty is that without an expert like MondoCRM adapting it to actual company objectives and processes, one ends up with not much more than a very expensive digital Rolodex.

We’re pretty confident you won’t find a more powerful enterprise integrated CRM accessible to small business anywhere. From true multi-channel sales CRM—email, text, live chat, telephony, social media—while streamlining notifications across all of them, responding to customers in real time via SalesSignals, to Zia, Zoho’s conversational AI assistant to help with trend analysis, drag-and-drop process design with built-in employee compliance and accountability to fully customized automated lead nurturing and much, much more—is now within reach.

MondoCRM’s mission is to bring this cool stuff to reality for you…and your bottom line. It all begins with a discovery call.

Zoho Analytics

Have all your key data points laid out at your fingertips—where they should be. From lead analytics to deal insights, activity stats and email analytics, monitor every aspect of your sales cycle any time, anywhere with pre-defined dashboard views. Create customized dashboards with sales analytical widgets, such as charts, target meters, KPIs, and funnels. Make informed decisions, and start celebrating sales success with actionable data intelligence. MondoCRM is here to show you how.

Sample Dashboards

Zoho Customization

We believe CRM should adapt to you and how you do business, rather than the other way around.

Zoho is designed to be fully customized without having to write a single line of code. We love to help with integration and automation so Zoho is aligned with your organization goals, objectives and business processes. Zoho effortlessly integrates with 3rd party apps you use every day, like Outlook, Mailchimp, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, etc. Mondo can help you further adapt your Zoho platform by adding custom modules, buttons and fields.

Data doesn’t mean much without context, and most of the time, your CRM data is spread across different modules. Mondo helps provide more context to your data by linking records across modules. Link Campaigns with Leads, Contacts with Accounts, and vice-versa.

Monitor and manage multiple business processes from within a single screen? No problem. We can help adapt Zoho to both industry-specific and company-specific needs, as great CRM should. By working with MondoCRM, you can count on maximizing your Zoho experience so you can stay focused on transforming your business.

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Zoho Training Man

Zoho Training Services

MondoCRM’s mission is to ensure you enjoy a maximum Zoho experience, rather than settle for a very expensive Rolodex. Mondo conducts customized Zoho training classes online to help you deploy and get up to speed quickly. Our trainers have used Zoho nearly since its inception, bringing graduate level instructional design training to your organization.

By engaging MondoCRM, together we’ll ensure you get the functionality you need, not only across the platform, but across your organization, as well.

Zoho Conversion Services

Getting off to a great start is crucial most endeavors. This is especially true for CRM. A poorly designed database performs poorly.

So what happens once you decide to move forward with Zoho? You can count on MondoCRM to get your data into Zoho without a fuss. Don’t lose all your crucial contact notes and histories. As master data designers, Mondo takes the worry out of data migration so together we can focus on the fun stuff that comes after.  For instance, we can migrate Act! to Zoho. making a complex data conversion look easy. This is why a great partner makes all the difference.

Data Conversion