Migrate Act! to Zoho

We have the tools and expertise to get data from Act! to Zoho CRM.

We can migrate Act! to Zoho.   Zoho doesn’t come with an Act! conversion wizard as seen here.  So, what’s an Act! user to do? Calling Zoho support may only get the contacts migrated but leaving the notes, history, opportunities and calendar behind.

Our role is to learn how you used Act!; then migrate Act! to Zoho properly.

Why do I need a consultant to migrate Act! to Zoho?

The native Act! export tools don’t export the unique ID fields that Zoho CRM requires to match contacts back up with its notes, history, calendar or opportunities.

  • Notes.
  • Unique IDs for any table.

Our Solution:

We have the software and process to export the contacts from Act! and keep the notes, history, opportunities and calendar.  Since Zoho doesn’t use groups like Act!, we show how to re-create views within Zoho to get a similar function.