Provide remote assistance for field techs.

As it happens, keeping teams productive remotely is in our wheelhouse.  We can help with cutting through all the variables so you get the right fit, at the right price, and don’t miss a beat.

We’re fluent in many of today’s remote workplace platforms, including Zoho Assist and Zoho Lens.  Zoho Assist is best when you need to fix someone’s PC remotely, and Lens would be used for field techs that repair anything that isn’t a PC or smart phone.

You can acquire the programs separately, or you can get them as a bundle known as Remotely®, .   Chances are pretty good we’ll have you up and running in a couple hours, and there is a 15 day trial available of Remotely or Lens.

Contact us today and we’ll look at your business’ unique requirements and fit you with a solution that works.  Remember, discovery calls are always free.

Working Remote is Old Hat
Play the video to see how augmented reality helps the field tech troubleshoot the network switch.