With MondoCRM in your corner, information silos are deconstructed and every aspect of your enterprise can be seamlessly integrated for optimum performance. Our custom reports, dashboards and data visualization tools provide you with real-time, actionable intelligence upon which to make better, more timely decisions. Better information = better choices. Even more vital to the equation is the ultimate fundamental: that your entire enterprise will be built around the customer, as it should be, as your customers expect.

From the CRM, create a QuickBooks customer (or link existing data between QB and CRM). Once an order is created by the rep, they can generate invoices, sales orders, estimates or sales receipts without leaving CRM.  Here is the solution using Act! as the CRM.

Beautiful dashboards not only track opportunities and your sales funnel, but all aspects of enterprise performance—bank balance, cash flow, sales, margins, expenses, marketing ROI, etc.—are monitored in real time. Here are samples with Act! and Microsoft Power BI.

Want to know which customers are profitable and which aren’t? Which marketing campaigns are working and which aren’t? We can help with that.

Data visualization is all the rage for good reason: they provide incisive, impactful insight into your business and make it easy to present performance data to your team in a unified way so everyone understands which metrics are important and why. By connecting your CRM and enterprise software to apps like Google Maps and Microsoft Power BI, we’ll show you how to make your information come alive.