Format Data from Act! to Zoho migration

Prepping Act! contact records for a migration to Zoho.

This video reviews how to prepare the data before converting from Act! to Zoho. This video focuses tells you how to standardize the company names for contacts so Zoho sees multiple contacts at company as one account once they arrive in Zoho.

What's New in WiredContact

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WiredContact redefines CRM flexibility, thanks to its awesome customization options. Our tight-knit connection with the WiredContact crew since 2003 lets us quickly roll out the cool new features our clients ask for. This is all about WiredContact listening to what businesses need and acting on it. The new stuff coming your way? Totally driven by what you told us you wanted, proving we’re all in this together to make your business life easier.

List Lookup

Lookup Lists in a Flash

Whether you're dealing with a collection of email addresses from a recent campaign or looking a list of work order numbers without a common thread, this feature allows you to effortlessly create a lookup in one step.

Quick Lookup

Expedite Lookups

We'll create a custom list of the most frequently used fields for your lookups. Instead of building the same queries over-and-over again, use this screen instead.

Build Lookup from Groups

Multi-group Lookup

This feature was driven by a client who had dozens of groups and subgroups in Act!, but needed a way to create a lookup of all those contacts in disparate groups once he was in WiredContact.

Two Factor Authentication

Additional Security

Our corporate and government clients needed updated security options.

Hidden gems of WiredContact.

Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager allows you to create broadcast e-mail campaigns, analyze opens and clicks and without paying additional monthly fees for an e-mail service provider.

Learn More.

Dashboard Manager

Visualize your data and automate your pipeline in WiredContact.

Learn More.

Setup WiredContact to send an email through Outlook

Sets default e-mail program to Outlook for WiredContact.

Export Contacts from WiredContact to Outlook Contacts

Demonstrates how to export a look of contacts from WiredContact to the Outlook contacts module.

How to Determine Disk Space for an Act! Database

Determine disk spaced used by an Act! database.