What is CRM - Has it changed since 2012 ?

I made this video in 2012, and my branding and platforms has evolved a bit.  However, I still see many core principles remain the same.  Although we have to say good bye to the Blackberry, CRM builds what’s now known as a customer-centric enterprise.   After all, how can you build good customer experiences if you don’t know anything about them ?

Increase E-Mail Delivery Rates for E-Mail Blasts from your CRM

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Before you setup any ESP (Email service provider) for your CRM, you must setup your DKIM and SPF records.  You may be asking, “What in the heck does that mean ?”.  I will very briefly explain it; then, cite some resources.

ESP (E-mail Service Providers) such as Swiftpage,  MailChimp or Constant Contact send e-mails using their servers on your behalf.   Your clients’ ISPs and spam filters will detect the ESP’s sending the email.  However, some clients’ filters are setup to reject this because a hacker could use the same technique to spam you as well.

So an industry consortium created the SPF and the DKIM record.  The SPF and DKIM records gets added to your DNS settings so other ISPs know that your ESP is actually legit when sending emails on your behalf.

Here are some links for a couple providers.

Once this is setup, this is another step closer to avoiding the junk box.

If you don’t know what a DNS record is; then, work with your I.T. contractor to set this up.  When we work with our clients, we partner with your I.T. contractor to update this.

Adding the WiredContact Mobile Site to an Android

Android OSThis article shows you how to add a website (aka bookmark) to an Android home screen.

First, go to your WiredContact mobile site on the Android.  In this example, it's http://mobiledemo.wiredcontact.com

Then, you can follow the screenshots in this article.

Act! Preventive Maintenance

Tips on Act! Maintenance

Here are a couple quick ideas on maintaining Act!, which can be automated from the Act! server also by going Tools -> Act! Scheduler.

  • Go to File -> Backup.  Do this early and often!
  • Go to Tools -> Database Maintenance -> Check and Repair

Swiftpage E-Marketing To Be Discontinued

Supported or Unsupported

Swiftpage E-Marketing will be discontinued on June 30th, 2018.

Swiftpage E-Marketing for Act! will be retired on June 30th, 2019 and technical support ends on March 31st, 2019.  Act! E-Marketing will be supported, and Swiftpage will build upon the Act! Marketing Automation platform.