How to Export Notes from Act!(Hint: You cannot do this within the native program)

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In case you are looking go at it alone or with your I.T. contractor, you can export some of the data, but not all the data.  For instance, the contact list view doesn’t export the unique IDs so notes, history, opportunities or the calendar won’t connect to their proper contacts when you import them into another CRM or an ERP.  When you are trying to use any Act! native tool such as the ACTREADER, SQL Studio or ODBC connection, these tools alone cannot strip out the RTF/HTML code formats as shown here.  Our services get the data into CSV format for the other systems along with the unique IDs..


For current Act! users, here are a couple ideas.

If you are trying to get more than what the standard history list provides and you want to remain in Act!, we implement Keystroke Dash (formerly TopLine).  You can export on the notes or history tables and add additional fields to the reports standard Act! doesn’t provide.

You can create dashboards, charts or lists with Keystroke Dash.  We find it very easy to train people on this program and it offers extensive customization.

We also support Microsoft Power BI, where you can combine Act! with other data sources to gain additional insight into the business.  Check out our case study.


We offer alternatives to Act!, and we convert the data.

Check out our approach.

MondoCRM is platform agnostic, which means we aren’t tied to one CRM’s limits, and we can weigh a couple options.

Additional Platforms:

If you CRM or ERP isn't listed here, we can still help.

Export Abstract
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We offer the Act! export service, so you can take the spreadsheets to your consultant so they can do the import.  We have done this for companies moving to Salesforce, Hubspot, or other industry specific ERP or CRM system.

  • Budget $600.