How to Reset The WiredContact Application Pool

Reset the WiredContact server without a server reboot.

If your WiredContact site displays an error like “Access violation at address 06C843D0 in module ‘WCEWeb.dll’. Read of address 0000006C” on the home page, and you run your own WiredContact server, follow the steps in the video.   You can also reboot the whole server, but we find this more efficient.

If you host with MondoCRM (US or UK), contact our support desk and we’ll fix it for you.

Embracing Change: MondoCRM and WiredContact UK Come Together

From the States to the Isles:
MondoCRM and WiredContact's USA-UK Partnership

WiredContact to MondoCRM Logo

As we reflect on a year of significant transformation, we’re excited to share the journey of MondoCRM and WiredContact UK coming together. This union marks not just the merging of two companies but the fusion of innovation, customer commitment, and a shared vision for the future of CRM technology.

A Year of Growth and Expansion

January 2023 was a landmark month for us at MondoCRM as we welcomed WiredContact UK into our family. The months that followed were a testament to our commitment to growth. With new hardware, expanded teams, and the launch of our podcast, “Getting Down to Business,” we’ve set the stage for an even more customer-centric approach to business solutions.


Year Founded

A Glimpse into Our Roots

MondoCRM’s inception was driven by a vision to create a world of opportunities for businesses seeking growth through technology. “Mondo,” meaning “world” in Italian, encapsulates our global approach to delivering top-tier CRM solutions. Our roots are deeply embedded in innovation, and as we grow with WiredContact UK, we’re bringing a legacy of excellence to an even broader audience.


Additional CRM and Enterprise Platforms

Branding Transition and New Horizons

The integration phase is an exciting time for us as we transition our branding to MondoCRM. This change will be reflected across all platforms, reinforcing our global identity. Moreover, we’re enhancing our service offerings with the introduction of Zoho CRM, Zoho One and Constant Contact to our UK market, ensuring our clients have access to a wide array of tools to thrive in a competitive business landscape.


Years of WiredContact Partnership

Our Commitment to WiredContact Continues

We understand the value that WiredContact brings to its users, and we want to assure our clients that we are dedicated to its continual development. Exciting new features and updates are on the horizon, and we’re eager to share these advancements as they unfold, ensuring that WiredContact remains a cutting-edge solution within the MondoCRM suite.

Four Figures with Puzzle

Staying Connected

Communication is key during this transition. We’re making sure that while our branding evolves, your points of contact do not. WiredContact sites, email addresses, and the UK office phone numbers will remain as they are, providing you with the continuity you need.

Accounting Updates

With change comes the need for updates in our accounting processes. We’re making these transitions as smooth as possible, with clear communication on invoice branding and payment details. Additionally, we’re in the process of acquiring a VAT number to align with financial regulations and ensure a seamless billing experience.

US and UK AI Image
I used the following prompt in Bing’s AI Image creator. “For a power point slide, I need a thank you image citing the United States and United Kingdom working together”


The path ahead is bright with the promise of innovation, growth, and an unwavering dedication to our clients. We’re grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us and look forward to continuing our journey together.

How to modify Drop-Down Menus in WiredContact

In WiredContact, the drop-downs aren’t modified on each field.  Instead, you use the menu system.  If you don’t have access to menu system or the option to modify the drop-down menus, contact your WiredContact administrator.

MondoCRM Acquires WiredContact UK

MondoCRM Opens an Office in the United Kingdom

UK and US Flags
Blenheim Palace
Mark Mondo & Cynthia Zimmerman at Blenheim Palace, the childhood home of Winston Churchill.

MondoCRM is pleased to announce its acquisition of WiredContact UK, the only WiredContact consultancy in Britain, earlier this year.  After almost 30 years in business, we have a long and rich history of growth and adapting to changing conditions in technology and the business services marketplace.  This is our second strategic acquisition in recent years.  Most recently, MondoCRM closed its acquisition of Novak Information Systems in June 2017, a long time Act! consultancy located outside of Chicago.

Given my wife’s and my deep affection for the UK, its culture, and its people, we are particularly excited about our prospects for this new venture!  Here’s what to know:

  • Background: How the opportunity was presented
  • Rationale: Why acquiring a company on a different continent makes sense for us
  • Strategic Value: How WiredContactUK brings value to MondoCRM and our clients
  • What’s next: Our plans for what’s ahead delivering great client experiences


Tower of London
Yes, this is our client. The Tower of London uses WiredContact to manage corporate sales and e-marketing campaigns.

As some of you know, WiredContact was founded by former Act! and Saleslogix consultants who’d grown frustrated with its functionality and stability after a series of acquisitions by private equity investors.  Over the years, WiredContact has developed into a uniquely user-friendly, highly adaptable platform designed to deliver custom CRM solutions around the client’s business processes, instead of the client having to modify its processes around the software’s limitations.

We’ve observed over the years that WiredContact presents a powerful niche in the CRM marketplace for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB)—especially those requiring custom-designed solutions—and they’re attractively priced compared to other larger players like Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce.  MondoCRM has long and deep relationships with WiredContact’s leadership and engineers over the years having collaborated on many custom CRM design projects.

I’ve known the founder of WiredContact UK for about 20 years, and when I heard he was looking to retire, I reached out to him pronto!  Over time, he diversified his consultancy impressively with practice areas including real estate development, property management, trade associations, local government economic development, higher education, funeral management, and even Royal Palace private event sales!  But what I found most fascinating was their ingenious use of WiredContact’s custom CRM design capabilities, far more so than I’ve seen here in the United States.

Needless to say, our due diligence process began straight away!



Avg Client Relationship in Years


Number of New Features for WiredContact


Years of Local Support Experience

When considering our own growth and recent experience with acquisitions, our calculus revealed that MondoCRM can more efficiently and profitably expand our business by acquiring existing profitable consultancies than staffing up a business development team for aggressive marketing campaigns.

Our process of due diligence was considerably more challenging than our domestic acquisitions for some reasons that are obvious, and others that are less so.  Long story short, making a trip to London smoothed over any rough edges that are customary to such a transition.  We joined the British American Business Council here in Chicago, a membership that promises to be helpful in regulatory matters and making strategic introductions when required.  But mostly, we needed to take a deep dive into the subtleties of both WiredContact UK’s book of business and the personalities involved.  We’ve learned in our client work over the years that a business is much more than debits, credits, and growth metrics.  They’re run by and for people with very human impacts and considerations.

We found their local support teams to be outstanding and their customers quite happy.  Like MondoCRM USA, customer loyalty is strong, with their average relationship lasting 10+ years.  Core to our client work, we know customer churn wrecks growth, and that it costs 7x more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing customer.  We know that long-term customer relationships are much more profitable over time than shorter-term, more transactional ones.

Strategic Value

Total Spend on Cloud vs. Desktop CRM (Gartner Group 2019)

Previous acquisitions have taught us that we aren’t just acquiring customers; we came to the realization that we could leverage our blended capabilities to grow our practice here, as well as throughout the UK and EU.  We believe our existing clients will soon see these new capabilities at work as we begin to drive more innovation and develop custom-designed CRM and business process solutions for them.

Also worthy of consideration is Mondo’s very close partnership with Caldere Associates, another cutting edge CRM consultancy and Zoho partner located near London.  You may have had contact with them via Meeta, Vivek or Graeme in the past.  To wit, we never considered Caldere a competitor and have been routinely rewarded for this progressive mindset when collaborating on countless projects with them over the years.  The vitality of our partnership will only improve with this new and exciting opportunity that WiredContact UK brings to us both.  While Mondo and Caldere are both Zoho Certified Partners and its platform capabilities are truly amazing, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches for our clients and think WiredContact UK will bring intriguing custom solutions to the table for our clients on both sides of the pond.

What’s Next

Road to Growth

As I mentioned earlier, we believe there is an exciting market opportunity to deliver custom CRM and business process solutions for SMBs who simply don’t have the budget for Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and Salesforce. We maintain very close working relationships with the engineers at WiredContact corporate and expect these relationships to only flourish further as we bring them a wider array of interesting client projects. We routinely work with WiredContact’s Chief Architect to create custom features and functionality, completely bypassing the committees common to other CRM providers as well getting fixes rather quickly when a defect is found.

For example, we are working with Walgreens to build a common platform for all their contractors to operate from, and we think WiredContact is just the right fit for developing a custom solution for them while avoiding layer upon layer of corporate bureaucracy. In fact, we have the explicit backing of WiredContact’s ownership and management.

At some point in the future, we expect to explore opportunities across the EU using WiredContact UK in London as a launching point. But for now, we continue to learn about what we have in WiredContact UK, explore its potential and bring it the best vision and management we have to offer. And who knows, perhaps more frequently indulge in English ales, Yorkshire pudding, shepherd’s pie and English Premier League football games? I think that’s a safe bet, since I’ve already been doing it for years.

Should I use Outlook as a CRM tool ?

Short answer: No.  It lacks too many essential features.

CRM Abstract Photo

Given that we use Outlook in house to manage e-mail, personal contacts and a personal calendar, our opinion isn’t out to snub Outlook just to pitch CRM.

In fact, you don’t need to abandon Outlook to get a CRM.  Most CRMs will integrate with Outlook to integrate e-mail, contacts or a calendar so critical information can be seen on the smartphone.  Furthermore, you can see the email correspondence on the contact record from the CRM.

Difficulties of Using Outlook as a CRM:

Frustrated Computer User
Courtesy: Andrea Piacquadio from
  • Documenting conversations by date/time stamp and easily sharing them among your team.
  • Implementing contact security among your peers.
  • Creating a sales forecast.
  • Creating a mail-merge to a Word document.
  • Creating effective user fields to classify contacts by more than one field such as "category".
  • Re-Entering the same data among different applications like Word or Excel becomes a chore to create call reports or sales forecasts.
  • Using Outlook is ineffective as a help desk ticketing system.

Zoho Bigin allows an easy way to get into CRM.

And you can still use Outlook.

In a matter of minutes, you can have a starter CRM system that tracks contacts, companies and a pipeline along with a mobile app.

Integrations include:

  • E-Mail: Zoho Mail, Outlook, Office 365, IMAP
  • Zoho Apps: Zoho Flow, Books, Invoice, Campaigns, Analytics, Desk and Meeting.
  • Popular Apps: MailChimp & Zoom Meeting.
  • Advanced Tools: Zapier & API
Good on the budget:

  • Pricing starts at $9/user/month.
  • Annual discounts available.
  • Training videos included.  Chat support provided by Zoho at no additional charge.
Start a Free Trial

What if Bigin isn't enough?  Don't worry.  We offer plenty of options.

Question Marks
Courtesy: Olya Kobruseva from

What’s the best CRM platform for you?  It depends on what business processes you want to improve.  For instance, if you want one point to see all meeting notes, emails and ability to create a report based on those activity KPIs then WiredContact is a great solution.    If you want to have one platform to manage CRM, e-marketing, help desk, projects and accounting then Zoho One is a great candidate.

Conversely, if your focus is marketing automation on a tighter budget, Benchmark One has many capabilities similar to Hubspot at a lower price.

Once we know the features you need; then, we craft with a custom solution based on your budget.  If you aren’t sure how to approach this, feel free to contact us for a complimentary discovery call.