Even though I haven’t played soccer in Europe since 1988, I still watch Champions League soccer.  Due to the time zones, I took in the game during business hours at the local sports bar.  So, how would I get work done ?

Blackberry Passport
Blackberry Passport
WiredContact on Android
WiredContact E-Mail Merge

While checking email on the Blackberry Passport and making calls and checking e-mail, I used WiredContact on my Android (Alcatel Pop 7E) tablet.

WiredContact on the tablet lets me keep the same screen as my desktop so it’s an easy transition.  I ran through my calls during half time.  One of them led to a lead to consider WiredContact as their next CRM.

Within WiredContact, I pressed 3 buttons and mail-merge documented discussing WiredContact went out.  I didn’t have to fire up Outlook or another mobile e-mail app.  The email records to the contact history, and I can schedule a follow up in a week with one button after that’s done.

The notes were remarkably easy to enter.  The Android’s speech to text tool allowed me to dictate the sales call’s results in a few seconds.

No sync needed, and it was back to watching Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.