Outlook IntegrateR1Outlook Integrate R1 usually has one error that pops up once in a while like this.  I wrote two ways along with video to reset the service without a reboot.



Solution 1 – Easy way

  1. Close Outlook
  2. Download this script to your desktop
  3. Run the Script
  4. The DOS Window flashes quickly
  5. Restart Outlook

Solution 2 – Long Way

  1. Close Outlook
  2. Start Task Manager (Start -> Run -> Taskmgr)
  3. Find DesignR1.OIR1.Server.exe in the details (or Processes for Windows 7) tab
  4. Right click on it and press “Open File Location”.  An additional window opens up showing its location on the PC.
  5. Right click on DesignR1.OIR1.Server.exe and press “End Process”
  6. On the additional window, double click DesignR1.OIR1.Server.exe.
  7. Restart Outlook

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