This is a common problem with Act! running sync databases or sole practitioners with laptops running Act!.  These are the 3 means to reset the SQL service so the Act! database opens as expected.

Option 1 - Manually Restart SQL Service

Step 1

From the Act! server (host or sync database), Start -> Run-> services.msc

Start SQL Service on Act!

Step 2

Right Click on SQL Server (ACT7) and select restart

Start SQL Step 02
Right Click on SQL Server (ACT7) and press restart

Option 2 - For Windows 10 Users

Step 1 – Watch this video on how to change the SQL service to a delayed start. In some cases, Windows doesn’t start SQL. The delayed start option might delay Act! for a couple minutes; however, this ensures Act! opens consistently. Please note the video requires Adobe flash to be enabled on your browser.

Option 3 - Download a Reset SQL Instance App

Option 4 –  .  Right click on this and select “Run as Administrator”.  This forces the Act! instance to start.