Getting CRM Work Done - From The Pub

Even though I haven’t played soccer in Europe since 1988, I still watch Champions League soccer.  Due to the time zones, I took in the game during business hours at the local sports bar.  So, how would I get work done ?

Blackberry Passport
WiredContact E-Mail Merge

While checking email on the Blackberry Passport and making calls and checking e-mail, I used WiredContact on my Android (Alcatel Pop 7E) tablet.

WiredContact on the tablet lets me keep the same screen as my desktop so it’s an easy transition.  I ran through my calls during half time.  One of them led to a lead to consider WiredContact as their next CRM.

Within WiredContact, I pressed 3 buttons and mail-merge documented discussing WiredContact went out.  I didn’t have to fire up Outlook or another mobile e-mail app.  The email records to the contact history, and I can schedule a follow up in a week with one button after that’s done.

The notes were remarkably easy to enter.  The Android’s speech to text tool allowed me to dictate the sales call’s results in a few seconds.

No sync needed, and it was back to watching Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

CRM Software Fixes in 30 Minutes

I reported two bugs in WiredContact this month, and they were fixed in within 30 minutes.  Then, I can install the updates within 5 minutes without disruption.  One of the reasons I added WiredContact to my suite of CRM solutions is for the developers’ response time.  Can your current CRM do this ?

3 Ways CRM Improves Your Business Processes

Sometimes it's easy to get lost in the weeds of software exploring each feature in great detail among several CRM systems. So, I found this article from CIO magazine that starts with a broad picture.

Here are 3 outcomes CRM can provide:

  • Create a Smart Rolodex
  • Create a collaborative system among several departments' data
  • Create a task and process master with automated workflow

MondoCRM ensures the software and the process match the rep's and management's goals. Rather than trying to wedge one product for every problem, we help firms make a choice among several options.

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Why Do Sales Reps Hate CRM ?

..and why would a CRM consultancy write a negative headline ?

In my experience, these are a few reasons it's not embraced:

  • No Set Process
  • Inconsistent Enforcement
  • Inconsistent Standards for Data Entry
  • Lack of Training
  • Too Many Steps for Data Entry
  • Lack of Mobile Access

Here is an article I found that agrees with my assessment.  MondoCRM ensures the software and the process match the rep's and management's goals.


About Social Selling - Ditch The Elevator Pitch

I met Mark Carter in 2006 at a local networking event in Chicago, and I consider him one of the best at on-site networking to generate new business. In this interview, Mark and Brynne discuss how to use social media and avoid leading networking events just talking about you and your sale.

So how does this relate to CRM ? Out of the box, CRM usually requires a degree of customization; otherwise, it remains under utilized. CRM software is feature-rich, and I help people put on the final touch to really help my clients close more deals.