ZeroBounce by the numbers:


Official integrations out of the box


Number of plug and play 3rd party connections.


Number of integrations with Zapier


Number of free email validations per month

When you commence or continue an e-mail campaigns, one of the things you need to continually update is whether the email address is valid.   If you have a high bounce rate, your sender reputation will be damaged.  This means you can your e-mails have a higher chance of going to spam, or the e-mail service provider (ESP) could drop you all together.

With ZeroBounce, you can easily verify this for $0.008 / e-mail address.    Or, you can use their free plan that lets you validate 100 email addresses/month just to try them out.

MondoCRM can help you integrate this with your CRM, so it’s easier to validate your lists and help you get to the inbox.