I came across this article and thought of my clients, especially those who are embracing automated technology and those who are considering an investment in such.  Whether you’re a B2C or B2B like me, advances in AI are making these technologies available and affordable to more and more companies.

AI Blending with PeopleYet, two of the top five factors for a positive emotional connection to a brand are personalized experiences and access to a knowledgeable agent when there’s a problem.  So what’s the equilibrium point between the human touch and automated tech solutions?  The answer is different company to company, industry to industry.  But of one thing we can be certain: customized and aligned CRM calibrated to a business’s specific objectives and a single customer view are essential for delivering great and memorable experiences.  This approach allows companies to effectively cater to what amounts to a target audience of one.

But it doesn’t happen all by itself.  All CRM platforms are virtually useless right out of the box.  Over the years, we’ve observed that most companies we encounter only utilize about 20% of their CRM’s capabilities.  At MondoCRM, we help our clients remedy this by aligning their technology with their business’s unique objectives.


  • Poor customer service costs U.S. businesses $75 billion annually.
  • Nearly half—48%—of consumers choose a phone call as their channel of choice when reaching out to a contact center, suggesting that frontline employees in the contact center will continue to be key to driving customer loyalty.  Are they armed with a single customer view?
  • It costs 7x more to acquire a new customer than to maintain an existing one.  What’s your customer churn and what’s it costing you?