Customer Relationship Management is a combination of software & a customized software process to help companies gain a competitive advantage in either sales, marketing or customer service.


Some common software packages include:

  • Act!
  • WiredContact
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • SugarCRM
  • ZohoCRM

Now to review the differences between these packages can take more than a quick blurb. For one client on a three user setup for a system focused on marketing and mobile access, I highlighted 40 feature comparisons.

Many of the  same features exist among all the products, so you want to consider ease-of-use, flexibility, licensing options and tech support costs.

What’s best for you ?  Since your business has unique qualities and processes,  you should talk the software publisher and/or a consultant.  The consultants have the in-the-field experience to know what works and can have more experience on data conversions between software publishers.  Meanwhile. the publishers focus on building the feature set and ensuring stability.