As an Act! consultant in Chicago, it’s our mission to help our clients customize Act! so they gain a competitive edge in sales, marketing or customer service.  We serve clients from Grayslake to University Park as well as nationally by remote desktop.  Our expertise comes from using Act! since 1989, and acquiring yearly certification since 1998.

We solve the problem hundreds of our clients face : “I want to get more out of Act!”.  We build customized Act! based solutions to help you acquire better reports, clean data and targeted mailing lists. Act! plus our process saves keystrokes and creates a competitive edge for sales, marketing or customer service.

Using Act! to Its Potential

Before Working with Mondo CRM 20%
After Working with Mondo CRM 92%

Act! Consulting Services

We design custom Act! databases, which makes your Act! database a "smart Rolodex" accessible anywhere.  With 20+ years of design experience, we simplify data entry so search, reports and marketing campaigns can be quickly executed.

Act! Training Services

We conduct customized Act! software training classes on-site or online to help you learn relevant topics, quickly. Our trainers have used Act! sine 1989, supported hundreds of companies and have graduate level instructional design training.  Check out our on-line, on-demand, instructor led classes.

Act! E-Marketing Services

From Act!, you can start sending targeted e-mail campaigns.  Track the results, and get fresh leads for sales people.

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Act! Hosting Services

Let us take care of your Act! server needs. Our solutions provide mobile and offline connectivity.

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Act! Conversion Services

We can get the data into Act!, or if you are switching to another CRM, we'll get the data out including notes and history.

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Act! Reporting Services

Your job is to identify trends and act upon them. Our Act! reporting solutions bring insight to your team performance. We make extensive use of TopLine Dash , Crystal Clear Essentials , Excel or Microsoft Power BI .

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We deliver services locally in Chicago or nationally using screen share technology.

With three Act! Certified Consultants with over 20+ years of Act! experience on our team, we know Act! inside and out.