Create Companies from Contacts Shortcut Guide for Act!

For Act! versions 2005 to 2013, Act! didn't make it easy create company records and link multiple existing contacts to them after an import or conversion from legacy Act!.  This guide below shows you how to do this if you have these versions of Act!.


  1. Upgrade to v16+ of Act!
  2. Purchase this utility that converts existing data.

Here is a guide if you don't want to upgrade or buy the plugin.

How to Scan for Duplicates and Merge Them in Act!

Here is the article on how to do this in Act!, and you can only merge two contacts at a time.  If you want to do this en masse, you need Duplicate Merge Wizard instead.    Here is what's cool about this plugin.

  1. It will merge the contacts without going through the arduous 7 step wizard
  2. You can use up to 7 criteria to match duplicates
  3. When contacts merge, it will merge the notes, history, activities and opportunities; then, add notes to the new merged record that tell you the historical contact field data.
    Here is what happens:
    For example: The program merges Contact A with phone number 312-555-1234 and Contact B with 312-527-3133 to have Contact A with phone number 312-555-1234. Contact B is gone.
    Contact A has the notes from A&B.
    Contact A has a note in Act! now, "Merged Phone Number from Contact B of 312-527-3133".
    So you don't lose the historical information from the merge.  The merge program decides whether A or B is the best record by the most recent edit date.

The Duplicate Merge Wizard offers a trial version of their software.

Quick video (No Audio) on the steps in Act!

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How to Setup Act! Scheduler for Remote Database Synchronization

If you use Act! for remote database synchronization, you can add an automated task to synchronize automatically based on time.  Act! cannot automatically sync based on whether you have a valid connection to the internet or your local network etc.

So, this video demonstrates the setup.  Have your Act! user name and password ready.  If you want to learn more about the Act! Scheduler, here is an article from their website.

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Determine if Reps Have Synchronized Act! in Two Clicks

If you have reps in the field, and they synchronize the database, you don't have to ask them whether they have synchronized recently.  Just click on the Act! dashboard first from your main (aka publisher) database.

If the rep hasn't synchronized recently, they can go to Tools-> Synchronize Panel -> Synchronize Now in Act! then synchronize the data.


If you have trouble implementing this or troubleshooting errors, we can help.  MondoCRM has been working with Act! synchronization since 1998.


Creating an Act! Report to Excel Using the Contact List and Dynamic Groups

excel_2013If you need to export a set of contacts regularly to Excel for external e-mail systems, direct mail, mailing labels or to a quoting system, here is how to simplify the process:

  1. Create a dynamic group in Act! and create the lookup.
  2. Customize the columns in the list view (Press F8 if you don't see the list view).  Then customize the columns by pressing Tools -> Customize -> Columns
  3. Export to Excel by pressing Tools -> Export to Excel

If step 2 is too tedious, use this app to save time.  It saves customized versions of the contact list view so  you don't have to rebuild this every time you come back to it.