By engaging MondoCRM, you bring all the efficiencies we’ve developed over the years to each team and its members for better process management. Here are just a few of the “Gee-whiz!” convenience functions MondoCRM routinely brings its clients:

Can’t stand tedious data entry? MondoCRM developed its proprietary speech-to-text capability within the various CRM platforms it offers to clients. For instance, adding a contact history is as easy as pressing the ‘mic’ button to Apple Siri, Android voice or Blackberry Assistant for transcription. This simple function can save sales reps hundreds of man-hours annually so they can focus on what the important stuff—selling.

Automate website lead forms to enter into CRM. A manufacturer’s rep saves hundreds of hours of data re-entry annually since he quotes 10+ quote requests/day. Again, contact histories are recorded in each prospective contact for ready reference.

We use this technology in house on our contact page. Leads from our site roll right into WiredContact, and we get an email notice with all the data already entered in CRM, so we can make calls right away.

Scan business cards directly to CRM from the mobile phone, eliminating manual contact data entry or waiting to get back to the office to get the work done.

A mortgage broker uses fields to track 20+ dates to ensure the client checklist is perfectly completed like an airline pilot with a flight pre-check. The same data can be exported to Microsoft Word for application, disclosure and closing documents. In-line field calculations can perform math functions to calculate payments, closing costs and commissions automatically.

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