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Bridging Data to Process

THE CHALLENGE:  After migrating a commercial lender to Zoho, the client’s tracking and reporting processes were rooted in the legacy system, which didn’t translate to Zoho’s architecture. Because these processes are vital to the company’s daily operations, essentially the pulse of their pipeline, we didn’t have a lot of time to fix the problem.

THE SOLUTION: While Zoho tech support is stellar, reps generally don’t have Mondo’s decades of business advisory and process engineering experience. Subsequently, Zoho referred the lender to Team Mondo for remedy beyond their normal scope. Mondo’s 60-minute discovery meeting revealed the nuances to the processes the client needed to replicate, and why. After considering several design pathways, MondoCRM proceed to develop the coding needed for the desired functionality. More, Mondo cleaned up their user interface, eliminating unneeded fields and building ones related to the company’s actual business processes, rolled out security so critical data couldn’t be inadvertently deleted and kept scope within budget. This was all accomplished—scoped, solved and tested—in less than two days, making for minimal stress on company operations and its bottom line. Now, crucial pipeline data can be shared across the organization in real time, enabling the company to solve friction points before they compromise customer experience.