Typing Hater

The Typing Hater

THE CHALLENGE: Inefficient business processes with multiple data entry points.

THE SOLUTION: When a sales person needs to make a request to customer service, why re-key everything into yet another form?  MondoCRM made it one-click easy. From Act!, the sales rep enters in a contact + opportunity record.  From Act!, the rep presses “prepare quote” from the opportunity screen.  Then, that Microsoft Word for Excel doc can be emailed via Outlook to customer service.  All this info is recorded in the prospect’s history for all departments to see.  The sales and service reps don’t have re-key all that data again. Marketing can search by opportunities generated by retailer or sales rep.  Then, the sales rep can send targeted e-mails right from Act! using Swiftpage E-Marketing, again leaving all this info conveniently within the prospect’s history.  Further, the sales manager gets reports automatically delivered via email every morning.  MondoCRM helped the company collect the best data to give the best leads to the best-performing reps in the office.

THE PRODUCTS: Act!, TopLine Dash, TopLine Alerts and Swiftpage E-Marketing