WiredContact automates redundant tasks so sales reps focus on sales while management can quickly measure the health of the business.

Steps for Reps to Create Call Reports

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After Working with MondoCRM


Number of Process Automated with WiredContact

Design Services

We customize WiredContact, which makes your database a "smart Rolodex" accessible anywhere.  With 20+ years of design experience, we simplify data entry so search, reports and marketing campaigns can be quickly executed.

Training Services

We conduct customized software training classes on-site or online to help you learn what's applicable in the shortest amount of time. Our trainers have used CRM since 1989, supported hundreds of companies and have graduate level instructional design training.

E-Marketing Services

From WiredContact, you can start sending targeted e-mail campaigns.  If you like Constant Contact or Act On, then WiredContact can integrate with those tools to bring the campaigns' results right into WiredContact.

Hosting Services

Let us take care of the server and connectivity for you.

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Self-Hosting Option

We consult clients on how to deploy a web server in your own office.

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Reporting Services

A manager's job is to look for trends and act upon them. Our reports provide insight into your sales team performance or you can find out where your best leads come from, which methods of communication work and analyze performance. We make extensive use of the native WiredContact report engine or Microsoft Power BI .

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Conversion Services

We leverage Excel to prepare the data so your new data is ready to go without delay.  We also have tools and services that allow you update existing records without creating duplicates from trade show lists, website forms and other sources.

Links with Accounting Software

WiredContact links with external SQL, MS Access or MySQL databases.  The links allows you to minimize double-entry and read the latest sales or service record data while within WiredContact without leaving to a second or third screen.