WiredContact Email Marketing Services

Reach your target audiences with the precision of a symphony conductor.

WiredContact includes an affordable, CRM-integrated, easy to use e-marketing platform that performs at the speed your audiences. The 21st century sales team needs real-time prospect data at its fingertips because the marketplace expects great, personalized experiences every time.

With WiredContact, the open ended query tool allows you to choose which contacts go into each campaign.  Meanwhile the sales rep goes about their daily business without worrying about synchronizing data between multiple platforms or modules.

If your company already uses Constant Contact or Act On, don’t worry about a massive change of systems.  WiredContact already has built in integration for these platforms at no additional charge.

MondoCRM and its team of experts stand at the ready to help you deliver great, personalized experiences every time. Better, more timely information = better decisions and bottom-line performance…as it always has.

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