Integrate Constant Contact with Act!

Don't fuss with tedious Excel imports and exports! Integrate Constant Contact with Act! using this link instead.

  • Upload seamlessly from Act! by lookup or group without creating duplicates.
  • Write the campaign results back to Act!.
  • Use Act! to lookup contacts that opened a campaign or clicked on a link within a campaign.
  • Send a Constant Contact campaign without leaving Act!

Software - $59.95/PC/YearInstallation & Training Fees - $95/PC

Constant Contact List Upload

Here is how it works.

Why did we research this and like it?

Most of our Act! clients use e-marketing to send out e-mail newsletters quickly or time-based promotions without resorting to a full-fledged automation package like Act! Marketing Automation, Marketo, Pardot or Hubspot.

In other cases, our clients used Constant Contact because their marketing agent used it already.  And, why make the designer learn something else?

On June 30th, 2019, Swiftpage E-Marketing retired, and Act! E-Marketing retired in 2020. Their replacement program, Act! Marketing Automation, may be too expensive and cluttered with features they wouldn’t need to buy.  Why buy a program, where you don’t need all its features?

For Act! Pro users, the end of these platforms meant Act! corporate would only offer Act! Marketing Automation.  This means an Act! Pro user would have to get an annual subscription; thus, doubling their costs.  With this link, they can continue to use Act! Pro and acquire the e-marketing product they need.  Now, we can save our clients money and direct it other profitable ventures for them.

This link works with Act! right away, and the learning curve is about 10-20 minutes.

System Requirements

  • Act! v19.2+ Pro or Premium for Windows (Act! for Web not supported)
  • Active Constant Contact subscription
  • Local administrator rights to install software
  • Windows 10