Act! Business Card Scanner for Android, iPhone or Blackberry

Zapier Sample FullContact to Act

After struggling for several years to find an affordable solution to create an Act! business card scanner for Android, Blackberry or iPhone to take a picture of a business card; then, get it to Act! without being a coder or selling expensive hardware that sits on a shelf for one purpose.

Here are the system requirements:

  1. Act! v18.2+ Premium with a current subscription
  2. Create a free account from Zapier. The free option suits a typical Act! installation
  3. Create a free account from FullContact, The free version suits our requirements
  4. This procedure assumes an Act! Premium for Windows (not Web) installation


  1. Install Act! Premium v18.2+ as a full install.  An inline upgrade won't activate the URL needed for the Web API
  2. In Act!, find Act! Connect (View -> Act! Connect), and copy the URL in the top screen
    Act Web API URL
  3. In Zapier, create a Zap from FullContact to Act! Premium as shown in the video.
  4. Download FullContact business card reader to your smartphone.
  5. From the FullContact app, take a picture of a business card.  Their service includes 10 free transcriptions, or you can just translate to text manually
    FullContact Business Card Sample
  6. Once the card is saved, it will show up in Act! without your intervention!

If you need help setting up Act!, Zapier, FullContact , freel free to contact us.

CRM for Android,iPhone,iPad,Playbook

After 10 years of dancing around mobile device hardware and software compatibility problems,  I found a solution.

I installed WiredContact,  and I didn't have to care which tablet or phone the reps have.  Finally, I can focus on the business process to improve and not chase anyone for fixes or updates.  It just works!

Windows OS Macintosh OS Android OS Blackberry OS

I simply customize a web page behind the scenes.  The mobile device is just reading a standard web page, and it does not require extra apps to buy, download or break/fix.

Even better, I don't have pitch an additional license within the same implementation.  Client saves money, and I get it done.