In Act! Premium for Web, two things could be the cause:

  1. Press “log off” instead of using the “X” on the browser window instead.    Usage of the “X” in the top right corner of the browser app will close the browser, but does not close the Act! Premium for Web application’s session on the server. Hence, so the session counts down anyway.  When that countdown hits the end of the 20+ minutes, Act! closes the session and any other sessions that the user may have open at the time.
  2. Use of cut and paste from MS Outlook and web pages into notes and history.  By doing this, there is a likelihood that mismatched HTML code embedded in the text causes the browser to choke and kick out the user.  If you need to paste data from these sources, paste as text to eliminate the embedded HTML.  In other words, from Outlook, you would copy the message to notepad; then, to Act!. That eliminates the variable, but you lose some formatting.
Act! Premium Logout