history_iconIn Act!, importing contacts allows you to add a note to a field, but you cannot put in a history.  If you are doing this for a one-off like importing names from a trade show; then recording the fact they attended the show as a “Meeting Held” is preferred to a note.

This would work on v17+, and not tested for earlier versions.

  1. Create a lookup of contacts in Act! (Sample Video)
  2. Change Act! preferences to “Create a separate activity for each contact” (Video)
  3. Schedule a meeting for all the contacts (Video)
  4. You can clear multiple activities at once (Video)

This will create a unique history for each contact record.  If you find yourself doing this quite often, we recommend contacting us to learn about Oak!Merge Advanced Edition.  This plugin to Act! enables you import multiple histories at once and other entities.