Adding WiredContact Mobile Site to iPhone Home Screen

iPhone LogoThis article shows you how to add a website (aka bookmark) to an iPhone's home screen.

First, go to your WiredContact mobile site on the iPhone.  In this example, it's

Then, you can follow the paragraph on iPhone in this video.


CRM for Android,iPhone,iPad,Playbook

After 10 years of dancing around mobile device hardware and software compatibility problems,  I found a solution.

I installed WiredContact,  and I didn't have to care which tablet or phone the reps have.  Finally, I can focus on the business process to improve and not chase anyone for fixes or updates.  It just works!

Windows OS Macintosh OS Android OS Blackberry OS

I simply customize a web page behind the scenes.  The mobile device is just reading a standard web page, and it does not require extra apps to buy, download or break/fix.

Even better, I don't have pitch an additional license within the same implementation.  Client saves money, and I get it done.


A Tale of Outstanding CRM Vendor Support

So, it was a dark and stormy night. Well, at least dark. At 9 PM, I was working on a fix for a client to automate a complex business process.

On a whim, I emailed the question to WiredContact, expecting an answer sometime the next day.

Instead, Ed, the author of WiredContact, did a remote session at 10:00 PM and installed the necessary feature enhancements. We were done by 10:45 PM.

With 18 years in the software industry under my belt, I have never seen that from a publisher. So, choose your vendors and partners with care. Brand names are cool, but at the end of the day, you need it to work.

I said "tale" as the title;however, this tale actually remains true.

At a CRM Consultant's Conference

I am with my industry peers in Washington DC. Gonna learn more about ACT & WiredContact. So far, the conference has confirmed web-based CRM is becoming more accepted.